Thursday, October 22, 2009

I dunno... what were *you* thinking?

Okay, everyone has one... that thing that you spend a lot of time lovingly knitting, possibly even designing, hours and hours getting it just right... to discover that it's very, VERY wrong. Here's mine:

Yeah, because I totally needed a short-sleeved bat-wing mock-turtleneck midriff-baring sweater made from eye-bleedingly odd acrylic. (Really, I thought I did. I even thought it looked cute, at one time, which it may have done - but not because of the sweater, that's for damnsure.) I'm not sure if anyone will want it, but I'm going to donate it just in case, as it's in very good condition, even if it is a mite ugly.

So, what's your "why did I knit this??" C'mon, you know you want to share.

(Does anyone know if a successor to You Knit What? has appeared?)


  1. Well. . . .look at it like this. The person that wears the sweater will be easy to spot in a crowd and there is someone out there that will love the sweater to pieces.

  2. Wow - so, when did you knit it? (that's my question)

  3. I think I knitted this about eight years (and 40 pounds) ago; the details are a bit blurry.

    It's possible I had pneumonia at the time, and was on some really heavy painkillers...!


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