Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Future Meltdown Alert

Okay, so, having decided that (a) I am indeed a mite insane when it comes to knitting and (b) I can, in fact knit things for people without undue separation anxienty as long as I'm knitting something for someone else from the get-go, I decided to knit things for Christmas for a lot of folks.

First, to keep a long-running joke going as long as possible, I will be knitting Baby Owlbears for my entire gaming group (ten people). I have only a vague idea what a stuffed knitted Baby Owlbear will look like; I only know I need ten of them. Luckily, there's a lot of yarn left from 30 Rabbits in 30 Days. Here is a cute Baby Owlbear, drawn in 2007 by talented artist Babbletrish (seriously, go check the portfolio behind the link; the artist is open to taking comissions, (serious inquiries only)):

While my knitted ones won't be nearly this adorable, this is my favorite Baby Owlbear pic *ever*.

Then, there's my husband. Again with the long-running jokes, I would like to make him a Trilobite hat, Trilobite socks (from Wendy D. Johnson's recent book), and a small stuffed Trilobite. HE HAS SIZE 14EE FEET. The socks... may not happen this year.

Then there's the other-craft stuff: a huge sampler for my mother (the incredible story behind this will follow once I've got enough of it done to show you), a huge cross-stitch angel for my in-laws, which is actually beyond the point in this picture. I have only the wings left to do... but the wings are about as many stitches again as I've already done;

...a huge stained glass window for my father, and a bunch of ornaments for my friends that I believe the four I finished say "2006"... so some frogging needs to happen there, assuming I can even find those now. If I do, I may just change the year to "2010" and hope I finish by holiday-time next year.

Now, very little of this is actually going to get done, but all y'all can have fun watching the meltdown as it happens!


  1. An Arizona friend's mother also cross-stitched that angel and it won Best of Show in our county fair about 8 years ago. Even though I'm not an angel collector, that piece (one of a series) is spectacular!
    Yes, I'm glad you warned of the upcoming meltdown, but will enjoy watching your holiday present progress. SOunds like you may not be going to get much sleep!

  2. WoW! The people on your chirstmas list are getting really nice gifts. The people on my list aren't getting anything nearly so nice.

  3. Sigh, I should be starting to prepare for Christmas...but I want to be lazy instead!


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