Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things tangentially related to knitting

Drawing your attention to Erika's post, which is my favorite Finished Sock Post ever.

Now, drawing your attention to, well, drawing. Not mine (oh, how I wish I could draw this consistently!), but to the Hugo Award-winning Gaslamp Fantasy Comic of Phil & Kaja Foglio, Girl Genius. Adventure, Romance, Mad Science! High school libraries stock it locally, since it portrays smart, strong women in science; it wins awards because it's just that gosh-darned good.

It all starts HERE.

Pay attention to the backgrounds, because frequently, there are little gems in there... and the dialogue, oh the dialogue. I mean, isn't this the best excuse a Mad Scientist could use to avoid going into the Pit of Certain Doom?

A Wee Tiny Taste of the Comic


ETA: The Girl Genius site is having problems this morning (as of 9am Eastern, 10/28), at least from my end. Please try going there again tomorrow if the link doesn't work for you today; it's TOTALLY worth it!!

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