Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yarn on Thursday - A good source for Knitting Magazines?

So, this past Saturday, while still in a histamine haze, I wandered into the Big Giant Used Book Sale at the local library. On the left, you'll see a box of Regency romances; on the right, a box containing a lovely full-color-plates book about the exhibits in the Hermitage, a book about Disney animation, a 1937 "American Guide to the Game of Chess", and a huge stack of knitting magazines. Mostly Pingouin, the English-language version of a French knitting magazine that seems to have vanished sometime in the 90s. I randomly tried typing "" into my URL bar since, well, if I had a company in France for that magazine, that's what I'd want the site to be, and actually GOT - so maybe it's on its way back? I hope so! Anyway, got about twenty issues at $1.00 a pop - which beats the stuffing out of the $6-$14 asking price on eBay!!

There were many, many more magazines that didn't come home with me, though, including these two gems.

Trust me, the very best photos & patterns *are in fact* those on the front of the magazine. Wow. I wonder what it was like, back when an entire knitting/crochet magazine only cost $1.29? Then again, glad I'm in the age of Ravelry. I was almost tempted by the magazine that had this in it:

Yep, that's "Master Knitters of the 90's" at the top of the page
... but I managed to let it go to a lady who wanted the mag for more than just the one article.

Anyway, lots and lots of knitting stuff abounded, most of it stuff I hope to make someday, and most of it stuff that will, in another forty years or so, find its way back to the library for another sale, I'm sure, to be loved by someone else. That's the magic of yarn, it extends its umbrella over all its little friends. And, while we're on the subject of magazines... I sure don't see either of these being around in 40 years, do you?

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