Monday, October 12, 2009

Brief Haitus

Hey, everyone...

So, Friday's trip to the doctor's office turned into Friday afternoon's trip to the Emergency Room (where I got asked several times why I didn't go to my primary care physician first, to which I replied "I did, she told me to come here immediately"). I was poked, stuck with needles and tubes, and run through Gigantic Space Donut machines (aka CAT scanners), and other sorts of fun.

Three days later, they still aren't sure what's wrong, but at least it's hurting a *bit* less, and they've ruled out most of the life-threatening, surgery-requiring stuff.

I'm talking today off (even though it's not a holiday at my job), just to recover from the Big Adventures of the weekend. Hopefully, I'll be up for a full day of work tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're able to craft today!

  2. Hope you feel much better. I don't like not feeling well either.

    Good luck and lots of peace,

  3. Okay, this whole family gossip chain is not doing well - I hadn't heard at all!

    I hope you're okay, good luck with the rest of the tests!

  4. I had a trip to the emergency room a few months ago, for (severe) vertigo, so I have some idea what you're going through. It happened a few more times over the next week, but has stopped (for now). I followed up for a while, but stopped when the tests got more expensive and still unlikely to tell me anything useful.

    Best wishes!


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