Friday, October 2, 2009

I have teenage relatives younger than this UFO.

Okay, so I haven't actually started my Socktoberfest socks yet, because I'm really really close to finishing one of my older UFOs. To wit, a lovely cross-stitch, "Spirit of Christmas". By "older", I mean "started in 1994". Yes, I actually keep track of just how long something's been a UFO. Anyway, I pulled it out after finishing my lovely Phoenix, and, as of September 20, 2009, here's where it stood:

And here it is a few days later in the week....

And here it is over the weekend...

... and I'm really hoping to have it finished by Monday, along with at least half of my Socktoberfest Socks. And here's a late September shot of Clapotis with George, just because:


  1. Aw, I used to be your only teenage relative. *Nostalgic*

  2. quite a lovely UFO! I have one I started in (shall I actually say it???) 1981 or '82! Of the Rotunda at UVa. of all things.

    Re: George's pose with Clap - what's the yarn? how long did you make it? details, please! I am knitting a second one in a lovely alpaca!


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