Friday, May 15, 2009

UFO Friday - the First Attempt

Well, I clearly need some sort of focus to keep myself going on projects. And keep an eye on my needles, too...


Heaven knows, Yarn on Thursday keeps me scouring the internet for information I can share, and in the case of yesterday, made me get off my tail-end (finally, Wednesday evening) and finish up my homework for TKGA. So, you get to see things on UFO Friday from here on in (until I get distracted by something more fun to post, of course).

I will pick one of my UFOs - not necessarily knitting, and eventually, it won't be, since my UFOs are mostly cross-stitch (cross-stitch outnumbers all other crafts combined by at least 2:1). I will then report my progress on this UFO every Friday, starting today. This will *make* me work on no more than two projects at a time. (If the UFO isn't portable, then I still get a portable project. You don't want me going crazy while commuting because I haven't got some sort of needle/hook in my hands.) The photos will (I hope) be the same size and same resolution, so you (and I) can see progress from week to week, etc., etc., yadda yadda.

Anyway, here is the first UFO of this little experiment:

The Serenity Stroller Snuggie
About the UFO: It's the Serenity Blanket (click on the button on the right of the linked screen for the pattern). The center (up to the eyelet band) is in a custom color of Purled Llama 'Dulce'; the outer edge will be the green stuff you can sorta see in the bag (can't remember what it is right now, and the bag is at home). Pumpkins and pine needles, but muted, quiet versions of both so the eventual recipient's mom's eyes wont bleed just by looking at it. I cast on at the end of March (see here and here). I'm changing up the pattern a wee bit so that all the leaf cables end at the same level (after the 3rd row of leaves so there isn't a half-row at the bottom), using the short eyelet version, and otherwise fudging so it's not a full-sized blanket, but something that would work to keep a tot of, say, four months, warm in a stroller in November. I've moved up to the largest of my Addi Clicks cables - tried to add one on, but I need to do the warm-water cable smoothing trick before I try that again; the shorter cable looped oddly and annoyed me, so off it came. The longest cable *is* long enough; I just look like I'm knitting a really big russet-striped bag.

Anyway, let's hope this internet-based prodding of myself works. We'll *all* know by next Friday, right...?

And just because:

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