Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm All About the Shiny

So, yesterday, I bought something off the internet. I'll show you when it arrives. It's not exactly yarn-related - but it could be, and if I ever make it to any of the big Sheep & Wool festivals, it's totally what I'm wearing!!

Having discovered I had my credit card on me (I'm not supposed to - really, I have no idea how it got in my wallet), I was a bit startled. Could I get the Midnight Sun Tam & Pacific Northwest Shawl kits? Had I saved up enough in the Magic Change-Counting Bank?

Turns out I had, and I could, so I did. From Nestucca Bay Yarns ( They have a Pay With Money Order option, and were sweet to check that was really how I wanted to pay. (It totally was.) I got my money order at lunch, and, having some cash left over, I treated myself to a yummy lunch at Johnny Rockets.

I huddled up at the counter and read my new Knitting Mystery, "While My Pretty One Knits", by Ann Canadeo:

Then, I wandered into the mall. There's a Very Dangerous Store there, called Fire & Ice, which has all sorts of shiny. But I still had cash left after mailing my money order and getting lunch (quite unexpectedly) - and I knew I had some coupons left on my account at the store, so I got something. See here? Notice anything missing?

That's because I got it! For cash, and not much at that, since all my coupons applied. It's Dichroic Glass, and looks like it has nordic runes on it (which, if it did, spell "R-NG"). I really like it, yay!

Since I was already on the correct floor of the mall, I dropped by the bead store and got more beads for the Peacock Feather Scarf I'm making, which will likely be the next UFO up for UFO Fridays.

Pay no attention to the spangly coin-things with them. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but since I still had cash left, and they were shiny, I got them. I'm all about the shiny, as you can probably tell!

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