Monday, May 4, 2009

Deciding to Go For It.

Wovenflame (aka Marlene, up in BC) has what's probably the best "okay, what going for the Masters in Hand Knits is really like" wrapped up nicely up in eleven every-Monday blog posts. By following her journey, I got an idea of the sorts of things I'll be doing, the sorts of things the reviewers look for (that I hadn't even know existed!), and an idea that yes, it is scary, but it is possible. Her journey begins here, and then continues over the next few months.

Monday 2 | Monday 3 | Monday 4 | Monday 5 | Monday 6 | Monday 7 | Monday 8 | Monday 9 | Monday 10 | TBC....

If you're thinking of going for Level I, it's worth checking out Marlene's chronicle.

Since I'm half a swatch away (and the Extra Credit) away from submitting Lesson #3 for the Basics, Basics, Basics course, I've decided that, yep, I'm going to do the Masters Program. I got my yarn for Level I (well, everything but the color-work) on Sunday:

It's some lovely Trendsetter Merino. All the same dye lot (that appears to be important), soft, nonscratchy, and works well with my needles (since I've almost finished Lesson #3 in it). Even if I have to resubmit for Lesson #3, I'm gona go for it! Yay!!


  1. You've got some guts. Gof for it.

  2. Yummy looking yarn....after all...neutral is still my fav.


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