Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Podcast Made Me Do It.

Thanks to the video podcasts at http://letsknit2gether.com/ (well, through 2007, anyway... I just downloaded the rest yesterday, and haven't had a chance to watch all of 2008/2009 yet), I have thus far:
  1. Gotten vindication that yes, the "weird way" I was doing the long-tail cast on is, in fact, the way at least one other person (CAT) does it.
  2. Learned a much easier way to do a multi-stitch cable without cable needles. I don't use cable needles anyway, but using every available tooth and finger wasn't working well. The new way works better - and given that I'm doing seven-stitch full cables in the Serenity Stroller Snuggie, it's saved a lot of fellow commuters from having to listening to the crazy lady with the needles cussing out her yarn.
  3. I have discovered that I really, REALLY want my allergy shots to work, so I can someday go to Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep & Wool. They look crazy fun!
  4. I am recognizable at a distance - in the 2006 Stitches East episode, I spotted myself in the upper right corner of one of the shots of CAT looking at a booth in the lower left. I tend to wear orange, and was that day, and had a very Vulcan haircut. And I tend to flail a lot when talking excitedly. *Sigh.*
  5. The biggest discovery: I am a herd animal.
Let me explain that one. I'd heard of Clapotis. Everyone in the knitting community has probably heard of Clapotis, and I've seen at least one in progress that was very pretty. But I resisted, because - hey - everyone was doing it, and I'm a rebel, right?

Yeah, turns out I'm not. CAT had photos of several, including her own, in the Podcast... and I caved. Like a souff, I caved. See, I had this lovely yarn, but only 1,200 yards exactly, and it's sock yarn, so it's a bit springy. It'd need something kinda loose and flow-y to make a good shawl.

Like something with drop stitches running through it. That would be perfect. And, as I am easily hypnotized by video images, the ease of finding patterns through Ravelry, and I really, really want to use this yarn, I wound all three skeins into a happy little ball last night and cast on. I'm not counting it "Started" until tonight, though, since I'm going to frog what I did, find my bloody stitch markers, and start again, properly this time. Anyway, here is my ball of yarn:

... and here is what it is:

Yeah, the not starting new projects thing is going SOOOOOOO well....!

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  1. CraftyGryphon, I hear you about allergy shots. This time last year I thought my allergies were hopeless! I don't want shots and have side effects from most allergy medicines that make the allergies seem not so bad.

    But last summer, in desperation, I tried wearing earloop masks--and they worked for me! Seriously, I have allergies all year round, indoors or outdoors, although it's worst in spring and fall. Whatever it is, it must be airborne, because simply wearing a mask makes the congestion go away in 15 minutes.

    I know there are different kinds of allergies, some are skin allergies and some are airborne like mine. I'm not allergic to anything in my LYS, so yours are different from mine at least in that way. But if yours are airborne--your nose or throat clogs up--you might get relief from a simple, inexpensive mask.

    Best wishes!


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