Friday, March 27, 2009

More startitis strikes!

Okay, so I started what is either going to be a really small blanket or a about-right stroller throw... and I think I've decided that Stroller Snuggies are the way I'm going to go. About when the project gets less-than-enchanting to me, it's done! Plus, it buys me some time. Babies are frequently born in the spring and summer. Not a lot of call for knitted things for spring and summer - especially summer. However - the little ones, being born to warmth, aren't really crazy about fall and winter, when it gets colder. And baby sizes are notoriously undependable... babies tend to GROW. Really, really fast, too. A stroller snuggie? Not size dependent, and come their first cold season, the little guy or gal will appreciate it. (Mind you, he or she won't really understand what's going on at that point, other than "soft thing makes happy".) So, stroller snuggies.

Enter the Serenity Blanket.

Laura Martos's finished model. Shiny!

(It's a free Ravelry download, but there's a link on Laura's blog, Fibercrack'd. Yes, this is the same Laura from Dizzy Blonde and The Mean Girls Yarn Club.)

Nulav (see linked photo) has started hers with the called-for worsted weight, in a pretty sage green. It's going to be stunning, and you'll note - I must've started correctly, since my little blankie-start looks like hers. See?

I told you I had to use my new stitch-markers on something!

Because I'm insane (or just hopelessly optimistic), I opted for serendipity - I had a ball of Purled Llama "Dulce" fall out of a basket (the half-price basket!) and land on me in pretty earthy autumn shades. (It's a custom color. Of course, there's just one ball.) It's a superwash merino wool that *can* be machine washed (albeit separately, due to the potential for some of the dye to be not-quite-fast), and ooooo. It's soft! Also warm. So, rather than starting on size 4 needles and kicking up to 5s or 6s, I'm scooting around on size 1s. (Not quite as bad as you think; remember, I'm a loose knitter. Er, rather, I knit loosely. *Sigh.*)

The good news is that by the end of the day, I should be on circular needles. (Sad when 100 stitches is still 'a bit small' to get onto a 12" circular needle, but there you have it.) That assumes, of course, that no one has any actual work for me to do. Y'all have a great weekend now, y'hear?


  1. Stroller snuggies! Babies will love the bright red yarn you chose.Lacy loved the idea so after I ask a question guess I will make Greg some. What size are making the snuggies?

  2. That's a good looking blanket. I love the fall colors. It's so nice when the right color just happens to fall in the basket and on sale to boot.


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