Friday, March 6, 2009

Blankie with a Deadline

So, this baby blanket for Liz? It's due on Monday. I started it on Wednesday, today is Friday. All other projects are on Official Temporary Hold (which, trust me, is different from me just getting bored and picking up something new). Here it is Thursday morning:

. . . and today, it's all of five rows bigger. Since I'm making what I'll be calling a "stroller snuggie", it's about receiving blanket size or a bit smaller. This is both because of the time constraint, and because crochet makes my shoulder hurt if I'm too intense about it (which, given the time constraint, I totally am right now). Think I've got a shot of having it done and giftwrapped Monday morning? I'm pretty busy this weekend, so I sure hope I do!!

Cindy asked about the yarn I'm using. It's Bernat "Baby Coordinates - Sweet Stripes", in "Sunny Stripes" which, if I'm reading the label correctly, is color 09622... but the label actually looks like this:

It's a sport weight yarn, 75.2% acrylic, 22.2% rayon and 2.6% nylon, machine washable and machine dryable, and 150g (5.25oz) is 404 yards per skein; the label's pattern says two skeins are required to make their baby blanket. (We'll see how many this takes.)

Looks like it's presently on sale at Sumptuous Yarn, Mary Maxim, and my shiny new find, Knitting Warehouse. (Hm. Maybe I should've saved this bit for the next Yarn on Thursday Post...!)


  1. The baby blanket is looking very nice. The colors are so pretty. I will cross my fingers that you will get done by the weekend. You go girl!! :)

    I was reading about your knitting machine. We got one for Em for Christmas 2 yrs ago and it frustrated her. She doesn't use it anymore. You have to go slow with the machine to make sure that no stitches drop, etc. She just doesn't like it.

    Hope you enjoyed your snow day. :)

  2. I like the Bernat Baby Coordinate yarn. The pattern you are using is very pretty. I think you can have the stroller snuggie finished. Have fun with and give that shoulder a rest.


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