Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yarn on Thursday: the "Most Beautiful Yarn"

Today, it's all about looking at the pretty. All of these lovely yarns came up during a Google search of "most beautiful yarn". Click the photo to go to its original page and read all about it! Per usual, YoT photos belong to those to whom they are attributed (but their bandwith isn't being filched, I promise!).

Lime&Sugar got some Three Irish Girls, colorway Tierney. Oooooo!

Argosy Scarf, as seen at the Unwind Yarn House

Dye-O-Rama yarn dyed by JickyMcJickster,
whose online journal isn't there any more
(otherwise, I'd see what else JmcJ dyed!).
As seen at Freshile Fibers

Sweaterhead has some lovely yarn from Hello Yarn.

Christine's Drop Stitch Scarf,
made from HandMaiden Lady Godiva, in "Dragonfly" Colorway.
(Her son bought her the yarn for Christmas when he was seven. Good eye!)

Yarn attributed to "Claudia", as seen at Fingers' Fancy.
(Yes, you recognize it - it's the rare Wollmeise! It's that Claudia!!)

Susan B. Anderson got some lovely Knitpicks

Back to Unwind Yarn House, for this beautiful Noro Lizard Ridge blanket
I'm sneaky. The Two Unwind Yarn House pics are right next to each other on the page. Yes, this is all a plot to show you more wonderful fibery places on the internet. But you knew that. has sock yarn that is indeed fabulous.
(Hm, I may have to do some shopping here.)

Finally, Jen, aka Color-Works, got some lovely Sundara Yarn.

Now, if you've got new places to buy yarn, and some new blogs on your list to follow, then I've done my job right! (And hey - if you know of a Beautiful Yarn, let me know about it so I can feature it here!)

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