Monday, March 23, 2009

Bookstores are dangerous, they have knitting books.

Got two new knitting books over the weekend. The first, Montse Stanley's Knitting Handbook, was recommended by Arenda Holladay, who teaches the TKGA Basics, Basics, Basics course - and more. If you don't have it yet, I recommend you get it on I forgot to check there first, and ended up paying a good bit more than $9. But it's a really good resource, and I'm glad I have it in my knitting library now.

The second, Knockdown Knits by Joan of Dark, just spoke to me. In loud, boisterous, happy words. I think I'll probably be making almost ALL the projects in it (which we know is rare)... thereby telling me that I really should find an older girls' roller derby somewhere around here. I frequently need things like slings, cast-covers, bumper pads, etc. Plus, there are some bags I need to knit... and leg-warmers/armwarmers... and a cute little crown... If you see a copy, check it out!

Oh, and I got my homework back from Arenda, too. I didn't do too badly, so I'll be starting my Lesson Two swatches this week. Yay!!


  1. I want to thank you so much for leaving comments on my blog. I am doing much better now. A little tired but coming along.

    Thanks also for the Sock Engouragement, I did it and am wearing them right now.


  2. Knockdown Knits? Interesting. I might have to check that out. I often sit in B&N pouring over every knitting book in the place. Then I waste $30 on magazines instead of buying a good pattern book. False economy for sure.


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