Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I finally turned in my homework...

Saturday morning, I finally got my TKGA Basics, Basics, Basics Lesson #1 in the mail. FINALLY. I had the swatches knitted in three freakin' days - and it took six weeks to get up the courage to block them, and then another three to write up my homework and mail the blasted things. I must do better next time. Anyway, here are my lovely swatches:

In a completely unrelated story, I turned my first-ever absolutely perfect heel last Friday morning, on my second Theseus & the Minotaur sock. I am very pleased that I finally managed to fight off distractions and actually do a heel correctly the Very First Time Out of the Gate.

More knitting fun tomorrow!


  1. Wow, Congrats on turning in your lesson. I signed up a year ago, and haven't done anything yet. Too many other things get in the way.


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