Friday, December 28, 2007


Some people are just idiots, y'know? Vandals hit our house again last night and trashed our little light-up polar bears. As in "ripped off heads and legs". They probably would've done more, but we had them staked at multiple points in case of high winds, and they were chained (and locked) together. Why do people bother? Yeah, it was probably kids... but I grew up in this neighborhood, and there would've been hell to pay, with every parent making sure it wasn't *their* kid (and heaven help the kid it was) when I was growing up. We've made a police report, of course, but that won't do much unless someone actually knows who did it. I swear, some of the people with kids in the neighborhood now won't even admit they have them. *Sigh.* Stupid vandals.

As if that wasn't enough to deal with, I have to work on Monday. There's a party Saturday night, and gaming all day Sunday (well, most of the day) - and that's been enough fun that I don't actually get much knitting done. I need to start the conversion-for-construction furniture moving at some point. Plus, Saturday morning I need to go pick up my Spice Girls tickets, and hit a couple of book stores. And maybe even mail off my nieces' & nephew's Christmas presents... So, realistically, I don't think I'm actually going to finish any knitting before the end of the year - let alone all the OTHER stuff I have to do.

However, since I live in my own little universe, and reality doesn't often hold sway there, let's check the list of possibles one last time.

Project #
for 2007
Project/Start Date
(if known)
  7Peacock Mandala (4/17/07)CanvasworkOh HECK no. This is not anywhere
near as far along as I thought.
I thought I was about to start
the beading... uh, no.
  9Stained Glass Peacock Kit (6/??/01)CanvasworkN
16Set of Six Williamsburg OrnamentsCross StitchN
17Lilly of the Valley ShawlKnittingIt could happen. If I call in sick,
forget about the Spice Girls, and
leave my dungeon-crawling compadres
in the lurch. Then they'd kill me,
which while it would solve the problem,
it wouldn't be in a way I'd like.
20The Cat Sweater/"Kitty Love"KnittingHAHAhahahahaha!!!
Yeahright. No way.
22Peacock ScarfKnittingN
25Rose Romance SweaterKnittingN
26Secret of the Stole Mystery ShawlKnittingN
29Margo & Ian's Sampler (10/06/07)Cross StitchManaged to lose my overlay.
It's in the house, somewhere.
Thankfully, I've got a while.
30Britney Handbag (10/13/07)KnittingThis just needs to be put together.
This Should Happen.
33Set of 8 Dice Bags for GamersSewingDue Sunday, dammit.
I've even got the goodies for inside.
36Pretty as a Peacock Shawl (11/27/07)KnittingN

Now, if I sew the two sewing projects, that at least gets me to 60 UFOs, since I've managed to not-start anything else. The goal, however, was to go UNDER 60. So, looking at the master list, there's an Irish blessing (the "May the Road Rise to Meet You" one) that, no lie, I haven't actually laid eyes on since 1994. That was two moves ago. When (and a big "IF") I find it, I'll put it back on the list, but for now, it's leaving. Everything else on the list, with the possible exception of the latch-hook leopard rug, I've seen in the past five years. (Once the contractors are done, I'm tearing the house apart and getting everything in Its Place, wherever Its Place is. I think it might be the crawlspace over the addition...) This still, mind you, leaves three other cross-stitch projects started in 1994 and not yet done. Thankfully, my oldest (Theresa Wentzler's "Castle Sampler") is, I just found out, from 1992, not 1991 as I had believed... turns out it wasn't *released* until 1992. *Phew!* (Other TW's on the list are Day, Peacock Tapestry, Tropical Dream and Night Watch/Unicorn (which will be for my husband. I got him a signed print of the original artwork last year for Christmas, as a placeholder). I have to point out that I *have* actually finished a TW, Harvest Sampler, and got a ribbon at Woodlawn (although that's the 2007 calendar, the show is *always* the entire month of March). Yay!

So, right this second, I'm at 61 UFOs, with two that could be finished Any Second Now. Wish me luck!!

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