Thursday, December 13, 2007

Becoming a Ravelry Designer?

Here's a question: How do I get an original pattern up on Ravelry? I'd like to get Hot Tamale and my version of the HP Scarves up for free, and the Orange Celtic Shrug up for cheep, once I write them up a bit better. I poked around a bit and discovered all the fun info about once-its-up and guidelines, etc. Just not the actual mechanics. I realize it's probably Right There... but if someone could please tell me Right Where?

News on the Door Front: the installation appointment has been made for January 3rd and 4th. They could do it before Christmas, but there's no way I can get off work (we've got a huge deal coming through, and this is our bad time of year anyway. I'm going out on a limb to take Christmas Eve Day off). But doors! We get new doors! And there won't be a HOLE IN THE WALL IN THE SHOWER UNDER THE WINDOW anymore... imagine, showering without freezing my kiester off! Woohoo!

News on knitting, since that's supposedly what I write about here: Here's the modified Britney Handbag blocked out on its little board.

I'm not blocking the handles, since afghan stitch makes a pretty danged tight weave, and I've pulled them as much as I can. Considering going back and getting two more buttons for the handle, and just have it triple-buttoned - it WOULD be more secure. Will spend five times in gas the price of the buttons. Is probably worth it, if I get the rest of it sewn together. Need to carefully measure a piece of cardboard to cover with the lining material, so the bottom holds its shape better. Ooooh, this will be so cute!

Since I finished all the handle-bits for the Britney Bag, I got to do a few rows of the Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, too. See picture from entry a few days back; not much has changed. You'll get a new picture when I actually finish Chart B. Also finished a repeat on the Lilly of the Valley Shawl. I'm getting very comfy with lace knitting.

So, what next? I need to go through my list of projects again, and see what else I can finish up.

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  1. To put a pattern up on Ravelry, first you have to host it on the web in some form that people can get to it, or put it out as a paper pattern where people can buy it. Once the pattern is available, follow the instructions found here:


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