Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Off the Blocking Board

Okay, I was wrong - Clover Hill Yarn *is* trading hands (eventually), but will stay in operation; likewise, Springwater Fiber Workshop is realigning its hours. Nothing's closing. Yaaaaaay!! Thanks to the L for the heads-up.

About those projects...
Well, I finished the armlets and a sweater, which brings the UFO count down to 62. That's just three more things to finish, and I'm under 60!

I got the body of the Brittney Handbag (once again, departing somewhat from the actual bag-as-designed, because that's what I do... bloody miracle I actually followed the pattern for the sweater itself!) onto the blocking board, but didn't have time to dampen it. I'll do that tonight. I've finished the straps, too; I just need to make a couple of little poke-the-strap-through-so-it-doesn't-flop-around loops to attach to the strap-side that has the button on it so the buttonhole strap-side won't flop. Then I just have to figure out how to put it all together.

What *was* on the blocking board was my Racing Stripe Vest. This is called "there was a sale on Rowan Cotton Glace so I bought a bunch and this is what I did with it, no there isn't any left."



Close-up of cool lace-like pattern
with the absolutlely PERFECT buttons I found

I really like the way it came out, and it'll be fun to wear when it gets a bit warmer out... and once I find my stretchy white turtleneck tee, which is what's supposed to go under it. But it was fun to make, and it's definitely the sort of thing I wear, all bright-and-shiny as it is!


  1. Love the colors in the sweater. You make me wish I could knit. OK, it passed, back to quilting. hehe

  2. I tagged you for a meme. I could swear that you already got tagged, but I didn't see it anywhere.

    Details are here: http://kniterdone.blogspot.com/2007/12/so-i-got-tagged.html

    Participate if you feel like it. I think these are fun to read, but I don't want to pressure you.



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