Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Notes on the Day After Christmas...

Today, we have a guest-plug from the Lovely L:
"...since you're always so good about spreading the word about great shops and service providers, I'm passing one on to you. KnowKnits bags are fabulous little ripstop nylon pouches with nylon tabs that let you attach the bag to your belt or in my case my briefcase. they're so sturdy that my sharp little size 0s have a very hard time poking through, and everything stays safe and clean.

What's even better, after 6 months or so of battering mine broke. I wrote to the company to let them know where the flaw in the design was, and said that I loved the bag and that I'd be buying another (I do, and I will), and the owner of the company wrote me back to say that she'll replace the bag for me. How great is that!

So if you know of anyone in the market for a knitting pouch, I can highly reccommend KnowKnits pouches (!"
Now, I have to admit that I actually have a bright yellow tinyproject bag (the GoKnit Pouch, small, blazing yellow). It's wonderful; I got it a Stitches East the first year I went. It's currently got a nascent scarf in it... and has since last February, when I lost it in my house (cleaning for the SuperBowl Party). Hopefully, I'll find it before *this* February!!

And now, a picture a a pretty dress I want:

And here's the only way I'm finishing a sweater before the end of the year:
Design and finish your own holiday sweater - in minutes! Without actually knitting a stitch! (If only the real sweaters were this easy, right?)

Now, a few more random pictures:

Bundle of tiny Ty Beanie Bears
aka the decoration this year on my Mom's tree

Blurry electric polar bears outside my house!

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  1. Oh dear. If you needed a guest post I'd have written up an actual post! :)



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