Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Light Dusting" - my Aunt Fanny!

We got snow in DC yesterday. It was actually coming down at a furious (for here) rate, accumulating on cars and grassy areas, and turning to ice the second it hit the roads.

Naturally, this made for a very light, easy day at work, due to most of the lawyers being unable (or smartly unwilling) to venture into the Traffic Hell that is DC when anything but sunshine is hitting the pavement. (And yes, I work in an office that has bars on the windows. We've been told it's to keep outside people out, but sometimes I wonder.)

Today, much the same: only we got more snow than expected. This is not a "light dusting on grassy areas". Our lawn needed a final mow... and the snow covered even our six-inch fuzzy clover carpet. At least (some) people have a sense of humor about it; someone built a tiny snowman on the Canal wall behind Dean & Deluca this morning!

This is NOT a "light dusting" of snow!

On the knitting front:
I'm so close to finishing Deb's wristwarmers it's scary. Working each pair on two needles is going *really* well; any time I reach a major stopping point, I just switch to the other armlet and bring it up even. I've just cast off and joined back one thumb gussett, and I'm about two rows from doing the same on the other one. Yes, I know, Wendi's pattern doesn't have thumb gussetts, and she used a larger gauge yarn, etc. so they're really only "kinda based on" her pattern... but they're still cool, and without her pattern, I wouldn't have thought of making these. Anyway, pictures:

These pics give a much
better idea of the lovely
Country Christmas colorway!

See? Mostly done. Pics of the finished items should be up tomorrow!

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  1. You have such pretty hands! I'd love to have small dainty hands.

    Congratulations on your snow. It's actually bone dry here in Montana. Next lions will be lying down with lambs...


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