Friday, November 2, 2007

SotS Disaster.

Pictures of The Tragic Event will be added later, once has finished its maintenance.

On to the tragedy.

I finished Hint #1 of Secret of the Stole quite happily (photos in Monday's entry). All was right with the world! I was catching up! But I had some trouble around row 111, so I decided to start using lifelines. I carefully pulled back to a row I knew I had right (for the third time), and threaded the lifeline in a bright yellow, contrasting (I thought) cotton thread. I then cut the lifeline from its spool... only to discover I had cut the silk yarn, instead.

This was Not Happy. I was at the end of a row, of course, so I kept going. Everything was otherwise fine, right? And I'd be able to hide those ends in the edge of the stole somehow. So, I kept going, replacing the lifeline about every ten rows. All was happy - I was almost halfway through Hint #2! Yay! I spread out what I'd done thus far, and noticed something.

There was a HOLE in my lace. I tried to pick up the stitches (I wasn't quite sure how this would affect the pattern, but, darnit, it was a good fifty rows back!).

I tried and tried, but the danged hole just kept getting bigger, until I realized there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to fix it without ripping all the way back. Cue the frogging tears.

I got all the way back to the hole, and realized that I couldn't quite figure out what was going on with the pattern at that point - lace is very squiggly, and I couldn't separate "stiches" from "loops that are just hanging out having fun". I couldn't find a good place to pick up and start again... I kept going.

I haven't got the heart to restart today; I'll pull out another lace project for a while and practice some more, then come back to it. Because it *is* really lovely, and I really liked the way it was coming along.

I want to knit this stole.
Just not for a few days.


  1. OOOHHH NNNOOOO!!!! I almost started crying frogging tears with you. I am so sorry.

    Now, pick up your chin, grab your pattern, your yarn, and your beads with renewed confidence (after all, you have already knit this part once, right?) and get back to knitting. =0) Your stole is going to be beautiful!

  2. Oh Crafty! I am so sobbing for you. It was so beautiful too! But, I've seen your talent with those needles and soon enough, you'll have it restored to it's former beauty (and then some!) Wowsers though...still sighing for you.


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