Friday, November 30, 2007

Quick, post fast, before they catch me!

Wednesday, I caught up on all my blog reading, commenting hither and thither, and then wandered onto the Danger Lands (aka Ravelry). I looked through all the wonderful things my friends have knitted (AND FINISHED), and then looked at my own little Finished Items bit on my infopage. There is one thing there.

One Thing.

I know I've finished lots and lots of knitted things - and even worn them in public. Often repeatedly. So, I *could* take pictures of all the things I've finished (that I can lay my hands on), add them to Ravelry, and be all happy about it. But, being me, my solution is instead to try something I've never before succeeded in doing. I am going to choose a project... and work on ONLY it until it is completed.

"Well, she's practically done with a pair of gloves," those of you that don't know me well say. "She should be able to finish those, right?"

Fingers! I gots fingers!

Those of you that actually know me are rolling their eyes. "She's going to pick something she'll never actually finish, isn't she? So she can have the excuse of snapping completely sometime mid-December, and then start another ten projects that she'll ALSO never finish, of course."

I say, a completely different outcome IS possible. I say I CAN knit on just one object until I finish it! I say it IS possible. (Shhhhhh if you've guessed the Obvious Loophole in my plan!) So, on Wednesday evening, I conducted a calm, collected inventory of my currently-accessible UFOs (I suppose I should call them WIPs, but really, we all know what they are), and the Winner, the little knitted creation that will be carried around and knit until it is completed, come hell or high water (which is possible, since I work right next to a major American river), is:

The Lilly of the Valley Shawl from Lace Style!!

LotVS and SotS usually hang out together.

Yes, of course, there were other candidates, of course. The Cat Sweater wanted out of its bag, but it's too heavy to carry around at this point, and colorwork is a good way to drive myself insane. Secret of the Stole (pictured next to Cup-o-Shawl, aka the LotVS) also peeped up. It knows it's my favorite project... but beads. You see... I'm going on a bus trip to New York City tomorrow to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Eight hours on a bus. I need something easy (to which I have the pattern memorized), highly portable, and something that, with eight hours, I will have visible and measurable progress to show off. Plus, given that once I get going, I can do a full repeat in about half an hour, I have a shot at actually finishing the "guts" of the shawl on the trip.

Now Peggy (of Knitting and Spinning With Ewe) commented that she really doesn't think that reality and knitting go together at all. I *have* to agree... I suffer from Knitting Delusions of the first order - and let's face it, thinking I'm actually going to stick with LotVS until it's finished is a long shot. However, it *could* happen. "Improbable" doesn't mean "Impossible". (I checked.)

The Cat Sweater insisted I show you a picture of its misery, trapped in its lovely knitting bag. I may have to finish it next (ugh)!

See, it's pouting!

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'll tell you all about the NYC trip when I get back!

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  1. I need to settle on one project and finish. I'm so ashamed to say how many projects I've finished this year. I'm hoping next year will be better. Good luck


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