Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yay, this morning, Blogger fixed itself, and I was able to get on to the Pretty as a Peacock knitalong blog. I don't have my stuff from Knitty Noddy yet (as they probably don't have the money order yet), but I'm on the group! Yaaay!!

In actual I-do-occasionally-knit-news: first, Show-N-Tell! You couldn't really see the ties of the Yarn Accident Headscarf in the previous pictures - theyr'e just garter stitch, cast on after the main part is done, and short-rowed as I cast off to make the front part fit my head. I'm going to try to get the actual pattern-with-beads written up and figure out how to put it up either here or on Ravelry. Yay!

Second... EEEE! There's a Secret of the Stole II knitalong, starting in January! Yay! The YahooGroup is Go, join! The last day the Secret of the Stole I charts will be avaliable through the group is December 8, remember that. Hint #7 (of 8) comes out this Friday. Have I finished Hint #1 take #2 yet? Heck, no! But I know I will.

On the subject of finding some quick, cute project I can finish before the box full of Handpainted Yarn for Pretty as a Peacock arrives, I'm actually not terribly close to finishing ANYTHING just now. (Not in four days, anyway, not if I have to work, and this weekend is busy.) So I'm just gonna keep going on the Unnamed Sweater - it requires the least amount of thinking. I'm definitely doing both sleeves at once, though. No way am I gonna get stuck with Single Sleeve Syndrome again! (This terrible syndrome, as you may have noticed, is why you haven't heard anything about the Cat Sweater since the end of October. It's dangerous, the SSS is. Which isn't to be confused with Second Sock Syndrome, which is just as dangerous. The only sock I've ever completed is nice, fitted perfectly, and thigh-high... and will never have a mate.)

Here is that sock:

The squares in the floor are 6"x6",
to give you scale.

Perfectly fitted to my leg; there's
even a place for my knee.
Short rows RULE.

In other news, Ravelry is a very dangerous place. Those of you already on know this. There's this pernicious feature, "search patterns". You can throw in a word like, say, "Gryphon" or "Fingerless" or "Slytherin" and get a plethora of patterns to suddenly appear... many of which are FREE. You can search groups the same way, for, say, "Allergic" or "Anime" or "Sheepless". Suddenly, you're on almost a full day, just poking around, finding and queueing projects, joining groups, friending complete strangers that seem interesting (or people you've been following through podcasts or knitalongs)... gah. It will eat your life.

Not that you'll mind, of course.

Tried to join the Pretty as a Peacock knitalong blog, but Blogspot is having serious issues. I'm having serious issues with the utter idiocy of their alleged "Help" system... which seems to be a jillion people going "WTF?" and "When will this be fixed?" with no actual concrete answers regarding the issue. This is why I'm primarily on LiveJournal - GREAT support, better FAQ, and really good System Issue notices. (And a much more moldable and friendly interface, too.) If they don't have it fixed by this evening, I'll let the knitalong owner know there were issues. *Sigh.*

And, the end of show-n-tell:

All the stuff I'm taking to SweetLife tonight.

It's my crocheted bag a la Ruth's design, presently holding The Single ThighHigh, the Yarn Accident Headscarf, the Diane Zangl Britney Bag (to go with my Britney Top), the two balls of Really Cool Stuff for the OTHER Peacock Feather Shawl (I need to buy seven more balls, but they're on sale!!), and the yarn for, and two front panels of, the Unnamed Sweater. Hopefully, panel 3 will be finished by the end of the evening!


  1. You see, now, why I hesitate to offer my bag pattern to any big companies: it is so easy that people like you can take one look at it, say "I can do that!" and you go forth and make a perfectly serviceable bag without a pattern in sight! And this after I have written up the pattern, with three different sized regular bags, two sizes of bottle bags, three handle treatments, a coaster, and a doily!

    Then of course, there are the people who claim they can't read patterns anyway, and just want me to teach them how to make the bag.

    Ah, well, I just need to get off my keister and send pictures and a sample off to Leisure arts.

    Thanks so much for crediting me with the idea!



  2. And your bag even has decorative rounds!

    Love it!



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