Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Find of the Day

I forgot to mention, regarding last Friday, that I avoided another Yarn Accident. I had, instead, a pattern-and-needle accident. The pattern is the lovely snowflace lace fingerless office gloves from Squeaky Weasels.

photo from SqueakyWeasels/Pattern by Chris O'Brien of same
See more here: Squeaky Weasel photostream!
Read more here: SqueakyWeasels.blogspot.com!
Aren't they fabulous??

The needles were the called-for size 1 DPNs, which I didn't already own.

Yes, I stop by Stitch DC almost every day. Yes, there's actually some needles and yarn I don't already own. You know this; you must own some of it if you're reading this. Stop looking at me like that.

Anyway, lovely gloves, lots of great patterns and lovely stuff, everyone go look!

In shopping news(that ended up not actually being shopping), JC Penney had some CUTE sweaters. This first one's yoke was cabled, and the decreases all happened inside the cable, so it just went in pretty. Must try this.

Then there was the sweater-coat. I've wanted a sweater coat for YEARS. I've been thinking about making one... but just buying one? At 30% off? I couldn't even buy the yarn for that! I looked at the brown one, first. There's lovely cabling down the center of the back; I took a photo of the white one, too, because the cabling down the front and the sleeve showed better. I SOOOOO wanted to get this sweater coat!


Sadly, I donned it. And resembled nothing so much as a large, brownish lump. Perhaps a medium-sized brown bear - but totally not the effect I was going for. I did not get the sweater coat, even though it was a great deal. I am now much less inclined to make one... unless I suddenly lose 100 pounds. (Please note that I have, in fact, weighed 100 pounds less than I do now. Granted, it was after the mononucleosis/bronchitis/strep combo from hell, and even the doctor said I needed to gain back about 20 pounds... but I was 100 pounds lighter, and still alive. I could lose over half my body weight, and survive. This is BAD.)

Still twiddling away on the sleeves for the Unnamed Sweater; I'm about 1/3 down from the top, and as the rows get shorter the longer the sleeve, it should start at least *feeling* like it's picking up speed one of these days. I really hope to be wearing it to work on Monday!!

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  1. Those fingerless gloves are beautiful. Too bad the sweater didn't work out, why is it somethings just don't look the same off the hanger and on the body? They really need to change the image mirrors put out.


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