Monday, November 19, 2007

Not the weekend I had planned.

Well, it wasn't the weekend I had planned.

The Weekend I Had Planned involved two fun birthday parties (one with board games, the other with Tarts & Vicars, which I've always wanted to go to), seeing Grammy for her birthday on Sunday, followed by the Stitch & Bitch at my house. While I did get to see Grammy (for about half an hour), NOTHING else panned out. Saturday I was flat out with the sinus headache from hell (which was making me queasy enough that it might've crossed into migrane territory, but I didn't get a lightshow, so I didn't think of that until it was too late). Sunday I felt a bit better in the morning, but felt wretched by about 3pm, so it's probably best that no one showed for the S&B. I was pretty disappointed, though, since I had been ready for it, and if I'd known no one was coming, I would've stayed with the family. (My one guaranteed person had to call in with children - her husband is currently working two full-time jobs, so she's got the kids. My house is pretty much the opposite of "childproof" - "deathtrap", I think it's called. Although the back room is much clearer now, since sometime in the next few weeks we should finally be getting the door we ordered in April.)

So, other than a brief stint with related-people, I saw no one.

This gave me (on Sunday, for a while, at least) some time to knit. So, the body, except for the collar, of the Unnamed Sweater is done and seamed.

front (above, left); back (right)

As you can see from above, it needs blocking pretty badly (Hmmmm. Guess it's time to take the cotton racing stripe sweater off the blocking board. Three months of blocking, it should be OK by now.), and sleeves. The button band I did as I went, so I don't have to worry about that. I decided to seam the back (right) so it showed - absolutely no point in going to the trouble of knitting a two-panel back if no one can tell it's been done. The sleeves, I'm doing at the same time, to avoid the dreaded Second Sleeve Syndrome. I threw in some short rows to fake a shoulder cap (even though it's almost a drop-sleeve), and I'm putting one decrease every two rows three stitches in, alternating left or right end of the sleeve.

That should get me sleeves the length I want with wrists that don't flap everywhere, assuming I did the math right. I've also noticed that I may run out of "Heather", hence not doing the collar yet. If I do run out, then the cuffs and collar will be of Some Other Color, probably black. And it will *almost* look intentional.

Short week this week, thankfully, and the new New Girl starts this morning. Hopefully, she'll last out her tenure (3 months, I think)...

In SQUEEE news, my package from Knitty Noddy has shipped. Oh, I hope I get it by Wednesday! It would be so much fun to start Pretty as a Peacock on Thursday! Fingers crossed!

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