Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well, I got things done (due to all the lawyers being out of town today).
  1. All my current knitting projects, numbering only eight (much to my surprise), are entered on Ravelry, and I've found OK photos and gotten a Flickr account. It's going to take some time and research to find all the things I've finished and get decent photos, but that's on its way.
  2. Looked through the 2008 Knitty Calendar. I'm going to have to get this just so I have my own copy of the Bunnies of August.
  3. Starting the second front panel of the Unnamed Sweater; it gallops apace.
  4. Forgot my cell phone at home this morning, so no picture of Unnamed Sweater today.
Fortunately, I found *other* pictures. Eventually.

I don't appear to have posted a picture of the Very Bright Sock Yarn I bought off one of the Sweet Life girls three weeks back (a terrible oversight, I know!). Fortunately, one of the *other* ladies (possibly Alli herself), did. I will never, ever again download a picture without making some sort of notation where I found it. I've tried everything (and have the original file name) to find it to properly credit, but I can't (or Flickr has some sort of odd blocking thing going).

So, this is Not My Picture, and as soon as I figure out whose it is, appropriate credit will be given, or I'll find the yarn wherever it got stashed in my house, and take my own bloody picture. I am not using her bandwidth; that would be rude...wait!

I FOUND IT!! It's taken by Judy Y., and she has a lovely album full of Knitted Things from various SLK meetings, which I am bookmarking here so I never, ever lose it again. She also had a cute picture of my New Yarn Carrier (red arrow) and my mom (green arrow), and proof that I occasionally show up, too (red arrow, right). Thanks for taking such nice pictures, Judy!

Next time, I'm going to bring a real camera. My little cameraphone camera is nice, but not quite up the the quality I expect/demand for photos of actual yarn!

Actual pictures of my own of my own stuff forecast to appear here tomorrow. We'll see if my percentage is any better than the local meteorologists, who are having a bad week.

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