Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rare Weekend Update

Okay, so I had three things I had to do today:
  1. Clean all the bedding
  2. Stitch as fast as I could a wedding sampler for my friends who got married on Monday (so I could give it to them tomorrow) and
  3. Make eight dice bags for everyone in the gaming group (also so I could hand them out tomorrow)
While I did get all the laundry done (and got a lovely new Martha Stewart mattress pad), instead of doing EITHER of the other craft projects with the insane-I-must-do-this-NOW deadlines (of TOMORROW), I used the yarn and beads I bought yesterday to knit myself a cute little headscarf, which will be finished in about three more rows.

THIS is why I never actually finish anything on time for other people. If there's a deadline, it just WON'T get done.


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