Monday, September 24, 2007

The yarn, it just attacked out of nowhere...


I had a Yarn Accident. Or rather, Diane Zangl drove me to it. She's got another pattern in "Knit n' Style", to which I can assure you she's a regular contributor. Of all the designers out there, something about her patterns just click with me; of all the designers out there, she's the one that will definitely cause me to buy (or not buy) a magazine; and, of all the designers out there, she's the only one I'm 100% certain I've knitted at least two things she's designed.

Or, rather, about two and a quarter, as of last night. You see, first there was the yarn, Reynolds SANTANA in "Peach Pink Green" (Hmmm. There are skeins available on this website. I could use three more skeins... or five, then I could have sleeves... Hmmmm.):
Reynolds Santana in PeachPinkGreen
...and then there were the magazines. I bought the latest Knit n' Style, Knitter's Mag and Knit 0.1 on Saturday night. I flipped through them at the store, and decided that yep, there's something I'd knit out of each one. To wit:

Knit n' Style: Diane Zangl's "Britney Top" (See Fig. A in photo, below)

Knit .1: I picked this up despite many truly hideous "future" designs (although the top right Vulcan-style top is OK), thanks to the really cool cape in the "Back to School" section (a photo of which I'm not finding on line; See Fig. B in photo, below). The magazine actually lists itself in the engines as "for hip 18 to 35 year old knitters". Because once you're over 35, you're just HOPLESSly uncool. Yeahright.

Knitter's Magazine: the "Rustic Redefined" sweater/jacket, bottom left photo, sort of. Trust me, the rest of it will be scrummy... and I finally have something to do with the sixteen skeins of "Colonial" Lionbrand Homespun in "Colonial". Frighteningly, when I re-began knitting and crocheting in the mid 90's, after the "Ewwww, that's what my mother does" hiatus after high school, I really thought I'd need sixteen skeins for a sweater. (I wanted to be sure I had enough.) I also want to do the "Fine Imitators" bolster - in the yarn that would have been my Southwestern Mosaic shawl, but got unwound. (See Fig. C in photo, below) I think several pretty bolsters would be *much* more fun (and much more useful in my that's-still-not-enough-pillows style of decorating).

So, yarn accidentally fell onto my needles:
Britney Sweater #1
ANYway, I have five balls of the aforementioned yarn, and that should be just about enough to get me my very own Britney Sweater, or something like it if I do run out of yarn. And, since it's in the round with just one strand of yarn, minimal patterning and no steeks, it should just fly off my needles!


  1. "...Because once you're over 35, you're just HOPLESSly uncool. Yeahright...." OMG Crafty, so glad I didn't have coffee in hand or mouth - you're the only blog I read that makes me laugh out loud EVERY time.
    But Woman...56 UFO's? We gotta talk.

  2. Ok, so I'm reading thru the older posts and what do I see? That the "Britney" comes from the current issue of KnitNStyle...the only American knitting mag I sub


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