Monday, September 10, 2007

Swatch this!

First, a finished object:
Glace Sweater - Finished
The Rowan Cotton Glace sweater. Which is actually a vest, as it turns out - "No Sleeves" won out in the end.
Glace Sweater - Buttons
Can you believe these buttons? I was looking for "something that would work" Friday night at JoAnn's - and these jumped out at me. They couldn't have been more perfect. Now, for the startling part: the shawl depicted below is actually THE SAME PATTERN as the orange part of the sweater. If I hadn't knitted it myself, I wouldn't be able to tell...!
Boucle Shawl

Next, things coming up on the calendar:
By digging through my stash/hoard, I found the yarn I wanted to use for the Secret of the Stole mystery-stole knitalong. I bought it back in May figuring I'd do something with it, it was just so pretty - and 100% SILK!! This is key, since I'm "wool sensitive" - in that itchy, sneezy, breaking-out-in-hives sort of way. I'm all about natural yarn that doesn't try to kill me.
SotS - Yarn, closeup

I'm definitely using something laceweight (as you can see from the swatch) - Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns in "Pistachio".
StotS - Swatch 1
I couldn't find my pins to block the swatch, so I used a package of 28 quilting needles. And I didn't lose a one of 'em in the couch, much to my husband's relief.

While shopping for buttons for the Glace Sweater, I realized there was no way in heck I was going to find my silver Paw Print buttons in my house. Luckily, the Button Fairy saw fit to show me these:
Cat Sweater - Buttons
They'll do just fine, especially since I was going to do the button band in chocolate brown, and these buttons just so happen to match the beige I'm using.
Cat Sweater 1
This is the progress so far on The Cat Sweater, aka "Kitty Love". At 200 stitches per round, I'm going to have a very good idea of how many stitches I do a day (right now, averaging just a wee bit over one thousand. The variable rib on size three needles is slow going...!).

Unrelated to any new projects, I found the sock yarn I bought back in February. Wendy (of Wendy has some absolutely beautiful sock patterns... the trick will be deciding which one the sock yarn wants me to buy.
Crystal Palace Vanilla Sock Yarn

And Cup-o-Shawl just wants everyone to know that I haven't forgotten about her.
Cup-O-Shawl 2


  1. I love the yarn and beads. Your stole is going to be gorgeous.

  2. Your yarn is beautiful! And the beads I see peeking out of the corner will be just lovely with it too. I am so envious of your skill with that delicate and fragile appearing stuff. Maybe in another 40 years of knitting, I'll be able to work with that teensy thread. Am curious though...will the cat sweater be for you or for a kitty? (None of my cats would ever allow me to put a sweater on them - they far prefer to frog them) I was thinking of entering her contest too...good luck to you - your design is awesome!


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