Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What do you do with a sulky sweater?

The Cat Sweater is sitting in its carrier, sulking. I promised it that I'd print out the top half of the pattern today so I can pick it up again without worrying that I'm going to do something irretrievably horrible to the lovely sweater I designed. (It'd be fine, either way. Stupid Cat Sweater is all "well, how do you KNOW you're knitting the right thing?" and I'm like "Hey, I'll just change the pattern to whatever I knit!" and it's like "Well, that's totally cheating!" and I'm like "Is not!" and it's like "IS TOO!" and it totally forgot that I'm bigger than it, and I can shove it back in its carrier if it gets mouthy.)

Doing well on the Britney sweater. I'm on the third of five balls of yarn, and I should have just enough to finish it so it doesn't look lame.

With Flash
Britney Sweater, with flash,
so you can see the pattern
Without Flash
Britney Sweater, without flash,
so you can see the actual colors

I have a tradition of making sweaters with Just Exactly Enough Yarn: to wit, my Hot Tamale (my "design" - but how much "design" is really involved in "knit around until you get to where you want sleeves, split, knit back and forth until you get to where you want your shoulder seams, join shoulders?"). She's that size because that's where the yarn stopped. (Fortunately, there was enough, or she'd be a more dramatic one-shouldered design, which I can't quite carry off just yet.)

Hot Tamale, to show off
(Hm. Just noticed Princess Leia is lurking over the sweater's left shoulder. Other people get Shoulder Angels; I get Princess Leia. This explains much about my life....)

For the the "EEEEK, you're FAMOUS!" entry of the day, I discovered an ARM. Over on the Yarn Harlot's actual blog, there is an actual photo of L's ARM! It's the topmost of the group pictures of the Bailey's Crossroads/DC leg of the trip, and hers is the light blue arm all the way on the left side of the photo. (Tiny detail of photo, with red circle to indicate the world-famous arm.) I'm further past the giant speaker pole, closer to the wall, so I am not at all depicted. But that's L's arm, right there!!
The Famous Arm
The Arm Seen 'Round the World

In the "What were they thinking?" category: Winner for most bizzare photo shoot of 2007 (and kids, you know there have been some wierd ones this year): "Devil Worship is the new Black!", from the French version of Vogue, viewable here... The commentary that the Jezebel writer added makes looking at several of the more-than-slightly-creepy pictures worth it. Artistically, one or two are pretty, I'll give them that. But other than getting everyone to talk about it, was there really a reason to do the shoot this way? Nevermind, just answered my own question.

And finally: Yes, Vykky, we need to talk: I'm *down* from 217 UFOs. ONLY 56 is actually quite a low number for me!!


  1. ok, so I linked to the Jezebel article on the French Vogue... but then I started browsing the rest of Jezebel's site... it's chock full of snarky goodness! Thanks so much for posting that. :-)

  2. "I'm *down* from 217 UFOs. ONLY 56 is actually quite a low number for me!!">>>

    You actually counted THAT many UFOs?? OMG. I would never admit to such a HUGE number LOL.


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