Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Alleged Pattern for the "Harry Potter" Scarf

I've had one request for the alleged "pattern" I used to make my HPII scarf, and just in case anyone else is interested, here you go. Note: This makes a nice jacket-length scarf, a hair under six feet long. If you want your scarf ultra-long like in the movie, you'll have to add a few more repeats, and I'd suggest getting an additional skein of yarn as well.

I used Red Heart sportweight in "Cardinal" and/or "Vermillion (I'm guessing one is the name of the color in 2006, the other in 2007, since they match!), three skeins.
Gold Glitterspun, 1 ball.
Circular needles, anywhere from size 5 to 8, depending on what's comfortable for you. (I used 6's.)

Pattern: C/O 66 st in the round.
Knit 32 rows in red; 3 rows gold, 5 rows red, 3 rows gold.
Repeat six times, then, after the last set of gold rows, knit 32 rows.
Cast off.
You now have a Harry Potter tube.
Make fringe to desired length; fringe.

Lesson on fringing: It's really pretty easy.
1. Making fringe to desired length - well, I tend to wrap my yarn about 100 times around a standard Harlequin-sized romance, and cut through at one end of the book. Ooo, lots of fringe pieces!

2. I attach the "sides" of scarf together, making certain the start of a new row is on the very-thin edge of the scarf, as I attach the fringe.

3. Attaching happens by jabbing through both layers of the scarf with a crochet hook, pulling two fringe pieces at a time through by the center (so there's a loop on one side of the scarf, and dangly ends on the other), and catching the ends through the loop.

4. I also square-knot two strands of neighboring fringe once everything's in place, so there's no chance of my fringes trying to go free.

5. Should there be undesired unevenness in the fringe, trim carefully to desired length/eveness. I tend to just let it be fringey.

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