Thursday, September 6, 2007

Glace Sweater: Now What?

Last night, I finished the back of the Glace sweater; this morning (and yes, it made me ten minutes late to my desk at work), I did the side and shoulder seams.

Now what do I do with it?

I *think* it's crying out for a pink button band (my usual k2/p1 for five rows), and I think five small buttons would work well (I wonder if I could find a matching orange? If not, white will do.). The real issue: short sleeves, or no? They'd be inset-looking (ie, all the decreases would be hidden in the armpit) if they were there. I've got enough yarn, certainly - almost two full balls of pink, ball and a half of white, and two plus balls of orange.

But does it really want sleeves? I guess I'll do the button band first, and see what the sweater tells me then.
I entered Crazy Aunt Purl's (see sidebar for link) Cat Sweater Sweepstakes. I will *also* be entering Part II of the sweepstakes by knitting a "Cat Sweater" in the next six weeks. Last night, I found my one-pound skeins of beige and chocolate yarn (the stash organization progresses well!!).

Today, in between a gajillion projects at work, I'll be designing said sweater, and post the ideas tomorrow.

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