Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's all Diane Zangl's fault

As I said yesterday, it's all Diane Zangl's fault that I now have 56 UFOs (and it's a miracle only five of those are knitting... although that'll change when SoS starts in two weeks). And the fact, of course, that the yarn has been sitting on my end-table since March, just staring at me. Between the insistent yarn and the new Zangl pattern, I really didn't have a chance. You understand.

This is the first Diane Zangl thing I did, and the first pattern-from-magazine I ever tried. It was a lovely Fair Isle sweater in an issue of Knit n' Style from the early 00's. I'm fairly certain she used slightly more subdued colors in hers, but I had all this lovely rich pastel Caron supersoft. It'd be perfect to wear to Stitches East... if I can figure out what safe place in my house I've hidden it.

Diane Zangl's Fair Isle Sweater
The sweater, modeled here by my Mom. Man, I was so proud that I got the pattern on the set-in sleeves to match the pattern on the body. I know it's supposed to work that way, but I'm just really hipped that it did, even now, years later!

I'm up to the pattern rows on the Britney Sweater (much, much easier to carry around than the Cat Sweater!), and since I'm doing it in the round, and every other row is k12p2 around, it goes really fast, and doesn't really require watching.

If I could just learn to cross-stitch without looking the way I can knit and crochet without looking, I'd have a LOT less UFOs!!

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