Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk like a Pirate Day!

Not that I'm going to talk like a pirate here; I just thought I'd remind everyone that today is, in fact, Talk Like A Pirate Day. In the world of YAAAARRRRRRRN (okay, I had to...) I got something done on the Cat Sweater:
Cat Sweater, not much progress
You can kinda see that there's almost another half-row done. I mean, compared to last Friday's picture, I *have* gotten a whole row of pawprints finished, and another half-row past that. Maybe by the end of Wednesday (today) I'll finish the second "KITTY" row... ? Probably not, though, since while I really like my Big Orange Knitting Bag, it's just a bit too big to commute with. I will be carrying it tomorrow, since I'll be in a bookstore for many, many hours tomorrow evening, and I really would like to at least get up to the arm-steeks this week.

So, for today, I switched back to smaller bag, plus much smaller project. Cup-o-Shawl!!
Yep, I'm back on the Lilly of the Valley Shawl from Lace Style, for which I am allegedly in a knitalong. As there's not really a time-frame, it's whenever I feel like working on it... and the day after I've been lugging around Really Heavy Cat Sweater With Really Large Knitting Bag seems like a good time to me! I'm a bit scared that I was able to pick up the pattern and start again without actually having the pattern on me. Maybe that just means I've finally crossed over to being able to read Lace? That'd be cool!

Finally, in news-of-knitting-past, it finally got cold enough that I can wear my Hot Pink Poncho!
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It's made from Red Heart Kid's Craft Yarn (two strands at once on size 13 needles - took about two days), and wears like IRON. Should never, ever be washed alongside a green towel, though. Took many, many days to free it from a ton of tiny green pills... but it's all better now, and pill-free. And, might I mention, that the picture really doesn't convey just how BRIGHT it is in sunlight. It flouresces. It makes the eyes of others bleed. Try to say you didn't see me wearing THIS in the crosswalk, Mr. Driver-on-Cellphone...!

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  1. Lilly of the Valley is so beautiful. I have been thinking about that for my Aunt in Germany.
    I would love to see a picture of it in progress. :)
    Love the pink poncho!


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