Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun things on the 'Net - and not....

Things I like about this journal format:
1. Just knitting, all the time.
2. LOTS of other nifty blogs; I'm finding more for my links every day, and they all have Really Cool Stuff. Wheee! More knitblogs to read!
Things that are driving me nuts:
1. I cannot, for the life of me, get any of my buttons (Secret of the Stole, Knitty.com, League of Midnight Knitters) to work in my bloody links. Does BlogSpot have a non-braindead interface hidden away that will actually accept real HTML without having kittens? Please let me know. Studying the blogs of others, it appears that I should be able to get the links in normally - link, then link-to-image as name. A genuine no-prize to anyone who can tell me what it is I'm missing here...
And back in the world of knitting: I'm almost done with the first row of pawprints on the Cat Sweater. I decided to stay with the size three needles after the ribbing (which is doing its usual two-color-curl, despite the special cast-on... fortunately, I *can* block acryllic, it just hates me afterwards.) I'm getting a nice, REALLY tight knit, two layer, which should actually block the gale-force winds we get here in October. And even though I'm being really careful with my carryalongs (inside of sweater greatly resembles basket woven by drunken woman), I may go ahead and line this one with fleece, and actually make a Kitty Love jacket of it.

Photos tomorrow, probably.

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