Tuesday, February 1, 2011

History of Magic - Done!

The last thing I turned in before I went to sleep Sunday night (at 1am) was my History of Magic homework. I had no clue on the yardage for the sparkly yarn, since I doubled it... so no extra credit if it turns out to be one of the classes That Counts. Sigh. Stooopid stretchy sparkly yarn. (But hey - I found SPARKLY YARN for all four houses!!)

The assignment was to do something to show House Unity, so I made coasters. Because it's my theme for the month of January, I made them WITH FLAMES. This pattern isn't going to be avaliable, since the math was wrong, and they look good by dint of matching-colored ball-head pins jammed into each corner and the center.

If they were in wool, they'd block out lovely - but this is acrylic. And sparkly acrylic in the center... sparkly acrylic that stretches. Yeah. Not the best material for actual *useful* coasters. I'm holding out hope that sometime this term, there will be a class where we can "embellish, rework or reimagine" an already-knitted project - these will be slapped back-to-back and turned into a zippered toolbag faster than you can say "WTF"?

Yep, the copper is sparkly, the black is sparkly.
All the 'metals' are sparkly!!

They're pretty, though. Absolute worst case, I have slightly curly coasters that I enjoy looking at!


  1. Use an iron or something to steam-block them. Contrary to popular belief, acrylic does block, it just doesn't wet-block. You gotta steam block it.


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