Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowflake Patterns for a Great Cause

Thanks to KnackfulKnitter for today's pointer to Snowcatcher's blog, her lovely pattern book, and her story.

MS is Not Fun. My sister's dad was diagnosed years ago, and every day is a challenge for him. He's hopeful, though, because every year, more research is conducted that offers a bit more hope, better treatments, and possibly, soon, the Holy Grail of a cure. But that takes money, and there are some wonderful organizations and fundraising efforts out there, one of which is BikeMS.

Here's part of Snowcatcher's story (click the link below to be taken directly to her blog for the Whole Thing):

"Humor aside, the MS-150 is where a big chunk of my heart lives. And sometimes where my heart breaks the most. To see a volunteer in a wheelchair who wasn't in one the year before...

My First Snowflake Pattern Booklet

So, in an effort to try to raise as much money as I can to help put an end to this disease, I've put together my top 20 snowflake patterns (according to Google Analytics), two brand new, never-before-published patterns, the Rainbows of Hope scarf pattern I designed to raise money last year and the Plarn Snowman pattern (because we all have way too many white plastic grocery bags, and the snowman is a great way to get rid of them). The PDF booklet is formatted to be spiral bound or three-ring hole punched on the left side."

Her patterns are lovely, and if you've been considering a donation to BikeMS this year, this is a great way for crafters to contribute!

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