Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OWL progress... somewhat...

So, yesterday, I finally got to the point where I deemed it necessary to start grafting together my braided balls for my Arithmancy OWL. The first one appeared to go well. Strips were fitted together.

Grafting commenced. I'm actually getting pretty good at grafting now; if I'm careful, *I* can't even see where I did it.

Then I discovered that no matter how pretty the grafting is, if the strips aren't woven together properly, it just doesn't work. So, now, I'm also proficient at UN-grafting.

Eventually, the strips went together properly, and I did some stealthy grafting at my desk, because, darnit, I wanted at least one ball finished. And here it is:

... and then I did a second one at lunch. *Phew* - only 20 more to go!!


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