Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February - new projects (so far)

So, February classes started over a week ago... and I still haven't turned anything in. I've started three of the six classes, at least.

First up, Herbology. The assignment: make something WITH FLAMES. Seriously. I think the Professor (a good Ravbuddy of the "I double-dog-dare-you" sort) is waiting to see what I come up with, since I managed, more or less, to make things WITH FLAMES for all eight classes in January. So, I'm making the sweater I was originally going to make for Transfiguration, before Hamish told me I was making another Bunny Nugget for him to hang with. Here's the sweater at the beginning of Monday:

... and here it is at the end of Tuesday. I've picked up and knit the neckband in black (which went really, REALLY well - I was surprised how well), and I've just finished the short rows for the bustline. Should actually make it to the "separate into sleeves and trunk" shortly - and that's where the flames will begin. Also surprising that it actually fits, and falls where I want it to... which is the point of custom making anything, I know, but I'm still surprised when Doing Things As They Should Be Done actually results in Things That Look As They Should.

For Charms, it's Choir Practice - make something based on a song. I'm making a Rock Lobster WITH FLAMES (well, it's rock!), but to fit it into Hellion House's Lobster Wedding, I'm going to make him a wee vest, collar, bowtie & tophat to cover up his "tattoos". Just for the special occasion. My husband had the brilliant idea of filling it with ACTUAL ROCKS (we need a doorstop), and I think that's great! His body is about half done at this point. I think all his legs will be black, too... but it might be black, yellow, red, depending on where they fall. Or all three. Dunno yet.

For Astronomy, we can make something to mark An Event in February - I chose the Daytona 500, and I'm making a #33 can cozy for myself. (My cup cozy WITH FLAMES, while wonderful, doesn't work on cans.) I haven't gotten really far along on it, as you can see. I'm doing it in three color bands (red, then yellow, then black) in afghan stitch, so I can just cross-stitch the flames and the numbers on after it's done, then stitch up the side & put on the bottom.

I have ideas for other things... a chocolate bunny WITH FLAMES bow; I'm making a lime-green Hallowig WITH FLAMES hairbow for DADA with my Hufflepuff co-conspirator, GeekyDuncan; I might finally make my Earmuff Covers. Since I've still got a LOT of work on both O.W.L.s to get them to the 50% mark, they're more important. If I fall off the St. Mungo's Express, so be it; I must GET ALL THE O.W.L.s!!!

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