Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Six days, seven projects...

So, I've turned in three classes; there are three more I *must* turn in, and four I'd *like* to turn in. Plus, I would like to get the points for my 50% OWLs, but I might let that go and just go for the completion points at the end of March. Here's where I was as of Monday evening.

First, my Arithmancy OWL. At this point, I need 11 balls done (or the strips knitted for 11+ balls) to hit 50%. As of right now, I have four completed balls, plus three dozen strips for more balls. Ideally, I'd have 42-45 strips, which would be enough for 11 balls, and the halfway point (as I've already made balls from 27 strips).

OWL strips, three dozen

My Lobster for charms is languishing. I MUST finish him; it's sort of a group project. At least I'm up to the red part on the next round, which means the body (the part that takes longest) is almost done.


I have one of my Care of Magical Creatures mitts finished, and I LOVE it. I just hope I can finish the second one. They'll have to be blocked... but, honestly, that might happen AFTER I turn them in. Also, messed up with the fitting; when I thought I went down two needle sizes for the wrists, I didn't. Will make the same mistake on the second mitt, so they match.

The Left Mitt

I finally got to the flames on the chest-part of my sweater for Herbology; once I get past that, it should be smooth sailing. And there's some real incentive to NOT be trapped by Second Sleeve Syndrome - I really want this sweater, and it's going to be too warm to wear it if I don't finish it up this week!

Tuesday, I started my Hallowig, for Defense Against the Dark Arts. It's a joint project with GeekyDuncan of Hufflepuff... we're each making one. So, like the Lobster above, this HAS To get done. Luckily, it seems to be a very quick knit!

Given that it's possible I'll finish the four classes above, I might as well try for the eighth. I found this little origami folded purse, and since I just *happened* to have Slytherin-appropriate colors (and c'mon, it's five little squares), I started it last night, too.

So, may say goodbye to the 50% points on my Ancient Runes O.W.L., but will stay FIRMLY on the crazy train. March will start with me FINISHING said Ancient Runes O.W.L. before getting anything else started!! WOOhoo!!


  1. I'm in total awe that you finished that much of so many different projects! No getting bored with one ball of yarn around here!!! Those mitts are going to be so danged adorable!!!

  2. Heehee. Yeah, it mostly keeps me out of trouble - and, thankfully, I'm starting to actually go through a lot of my "leftover" yarn!!


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