Friday, February 25, 2011

Into the homestretch....

Okay, so, going well. Finished the Hallowig; just need to crochet up the WITH FLAMES bow tonight, and I can turn it in.

Seamed the Pinwheel Purse, and it's blocking. Yay for remembering pins and having access to office supplies!

Started to knit the second Spirogyra mitt... and realized I had the wrong size needles. DANGIT. This means NOTHING to knit on the way home... well... no, I guess I'll knit stripes for my OWL out of the leftover wig yarn. Sigh. I was really hoping to have my six classes turned in tonight!

Yep, gonna be a SlythAnarchy icon...

And, just because they're so danged fun, here's the 2010 United States of Pop mashup of the Top 25 by DJ Earworm!

Have a great weekend!

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