Thursday, February 17, 2011

Astronomy - Done!

So, I collected all my leftover sock yarn. Most of it is remnants of Sanguine Gryphon Sock Club kits, with some leftovers from my Eclipse socks (the black and red) and some green Koigu that I remember getting... but don't remember using. But I must have used it, since there's not a whole ball here...?

It, too, is destined to be lots and lots of little braided balls. Since they're smaller (thinner yarn does that!), this batch will be Xmas Ornaments (aka "lookit all the Christmas knitting I'm getting done, and so early!). Sadly, they knit up just as slowly as their big cousins.

Finished another of those big cousins at lunch today.

The big news, though, is that I finished my Astronomy homework. It's a Can Cozy (WITH FLAMES, of course) for the Daytona 500, which I will be watching. And during which I will TOTALLY drink at least one soda (yeah, living on the edge, that's me). Here it is before it was finished, because wrapped around a can, it's hard to see the Car Number...

And here it is finish-finished, complete with Can. (The colors are better in this photo; it really IS black, yellow, and red!)



3 days

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