Monday, February 28, 2011

Care of Magical Creatures - Done!

Well, it's the end of the month. so this week, I'll be showing you the rest of the classes I turned in for February assingments. First up, Care of Magical Creatures - here's my turn-in post. We were each given a Fwooper (a lovely, bright-colored bird with a harsh/earsplitting cry - don't worry, they were under silencing spells before they were handed out to the students) and we were to make something beautiful, ugly, brightly colored, or an aid to hearing-loss prevention.
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Third Year Slytherin, turning in her assignment. I have opted to do a combination of options one and two; I have crafted brightly colored objects that I think are really, really beautiful. They are the Spirogyra mitts from Knitty, and I've wanted to make a pair forever. When a ball of MiniMochi landed at my feet (literally, it fell off a shelf!), I took the cosmic hint, and made the mitts I've wanted! Here they are:

It took 190 yards of yarn to make these lovely mitts (since I have 5 yards left from my 195-yard ball, this qualifies as "math even I can do".

I hope these mitts are acceptable, Professors. I really love them, as does my little Fwooper. Can I keep her?
Here's some closeups:

I think this was the first pattern I queued in Ravelry; I know it was the first "I MUST MAKE THOSE!" pattern I saw in Knitty. So, now I have them. Yay!!!

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