Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Defense Against the Dark Arts - Done!

Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Third Year Slytherin, turning in her assignment. I have created a simple but effecive counteragent to basic love spells. For the most part, this type of spell acts on the brain, and is targeted to specific individuals. By both covering the brain/skull *and* changing the appearance of the target individual, this lovely, and subtly-shaded, headpiece/wig offers protection to anyone that is concerned about falling unwilling victim to such spells. Individual touches, such as a lovely bow WITH FLAMES (crocheted in flame stitch, yet!) can be added.

This lovely wig *does* requie a lot of yarn - 260 yards! - because the 2x2 rib makes for a nice, dense protective fabric. The little bow only took about 25 yards - and only because the black yarn continues the entire back of the piece. This was a fun assignment, Professors. While I don't expect to ever need to use this magic item, really, one should be prepared for every eventuality!
And other photos, since the one up there is pretty goofy - but really, "normal" isn't gonna happen in an electric-green wig. The flame-stitch bow... well, flame stitch probably works better with (a) lots of practice and (b) on something that doesn't have to increase quickly to make a bow-shape. But hey - you can tell it's a bow, so I'm happy.

Really. I'm happy.


  1. I laughed all the way through this. But why oh why would you want to turn away true love?!? :)

    That bow is pretty darned awesome!


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