Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why yes, I am wearing the lovely green sweater I made myself.

First - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, I'm wearing green today. I just happen to have a lovely Celtic-cabled Kelly green sweater (aka my Herbology OWL)...!

Next, the progess of things. When last we saw my version of Barbara Thompson's Tiffany Window - Wisteria, it looked like this:

I've been carrying it around the past three days, and I swear I've made progress, although even *I* almost can't tell. While this is going to be lovely when it's finished, I started it when Scarlet Thread was still on Main Street in Vienna... and that was a while ago. For whatever reason, for a small piece, it's taking forever, and it's tricky to work on. (Okay, some of that is my fault; I added all the metallics to make it sparkly, and they're a bear to work.) Here it is today:

I think the left panel is done, the right is almost done; that means the inside panel is what I've got to finish up. With, of course, mostly metallicks. **Headdesk** Oh well, at least it's closer to done than it was!

And, since I'm burned out on Things I Should Be Working On, I started a little Michael Powell kit I picked up (also at Scarlet Thread). It's been staring at me from the sideboard for about a year now, so I finally caved.

Tomorrow: Knitting I Shouldn't Be Working On Right Now!

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