Friday, March 18, 2011

Startitis... I haz it.

Also on Wednesday, when I started the little Michael Powell kit, I started knitting myself a new pair of bedsocks out of yarn I'm supposed to be using for my Arithmancy OWL. My only defense is that it's such a pretty green I wanted to keep it near me. Or something like that.

That fascination didn't survive into Thursday. So, naturally, I started something else - but, unlike the bedsocks, I finished it. And then did another one. It's two facecloth-sized dishcloths, from one ball of Sugar'n'Creme cotton. I used the outline shape from my Hello Kitty star & heart panels (which I made up in the first place).

As you can see, these aren't really designs for ombre yarns. Here's an outline of each design so you can see what you're supposed to be seeing:

Yeah, I know. But looking at them at an angle doesn't really help much...

But... hey! One more ball of yarn used up, and two little facecloths with happy, if nigh-invisible, pictures on them. Now I just have to figure out which class I can turn them in for. That seems to be the theme this month: have an idea for a class, then do something completely different without any classes in mind, then try to make it fit. I think I like the "plan, execute, turn in" method better, but it's just not working in March!

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