Friday, March 4, 2011

Not quite done with February yet...

Okay, almost done with February knitting (yeah, I know, but this week it's been all Ancient Runes OWL, and there's not enough noticable change that it's worth posting a photo of THAT yet.). Last weekend, I managed to knit up the strips for another eight braided balls, and assemble two of them. I think little #5, the Sheep Ball, is my favorite so far:

I'm starting to COMPLETELY run out of some colors of yarn. I've gone through a lot of my Yummy Toes, most of my superbulky (that isn't designated to be thigh-high candy-striped bedsocks), and I'm starting in on the frightening amount of cotton. Even the Yummy Toes balls, which will be very similar, will have no two alike. Kids, that's a LOT of yarn I'm going through!!

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