Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, for a while, I had a sad, because I didn't get my Yule Exchange package. (Something is going on with the mail in my area; probably not helped by the fact that they pulled mail distribution away from our little post office to another across town. I've gotten things with my box number that should've gone elsewhere - same box, but should've gone to a box in a zip code in West Virginia (from California) or DC (from ETHIOPIA).) I was figuring that someone in my neighborhood likes yarn, since my prize from last term hadn't arrived. I chalked it up to Also Lost in the Mail.

Then, last night, I got home, and there was a PACKAGE!!!!!! jammed through our mail slot. And I mean jammed - plus, the little yellow envelope looked like it had been left in the rain, gnawed on by rabid chipmunks and both spindled AND mutilated. I should've taken a picture of it! By some miracle, only a tiny hole in one corner went all the way through the envelope to the inside. The CONTENTS WERE SAFE!!!


Not only was there a very sweet card from PEby, but this amazing yarn is her handspun, 332 yards of it (!!) in a lovely colorway she called "Dobby's Sunset". It's even prettier in real life! I think I already know what I'm going to make with it... but I'm still looking through patterns on Ravelry, just to make sure I find The Perfect Thing. I've done hand-dyed yarns before (lots and lots), but I don't think I've ever worked with handspun!

So, happiness all around, I can, in fact, get some mail safely to my house, even if there's tempting yarn inside! *Whew!!*

And on a yarn-related note, I earned my Weasley Badge from the St. Mungo's Express January Journey. I knit Four Of The Same Thing. Here's my pretty bage. (No, not as pretty as my lovely new yarn, but still, kinda pretty.)

Yay for Yarnmail! Woohooo!!


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  1. Yay Handspun yarn! My quick note: Handspun is often heavier than its same yarn weight counterpart. Swatch that yarn before you commit to a needle size. I normally knit socks on 0s, but my handspun sock yarn routinely gets knit on 2s.


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