Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frog 1, start 1...

Well, the Traveling Roses doll blanket wasn't working. That pattern really calls for a yarn with just a bit of fluffy to it, which, soft as it is, Dreambaby DK isn't. So, I decided to play with entrelac. And by "play", I mean see if I could remember exactly how it works, not having done any since early 2009. I'm sure I amused most of my new knitting group on Saturday by repeatedly knitting and frogging the corner "square"... by that evening, I'd finally given up, and resorted to looking up "entrelac" in Stanley. Then things went swimmingly! Haven't had much time to work on it, so I'm only on the third "row" (but given I cast on 85 stitches, and an entrelac row such as I'm doing is 1,300 stitches...):

Since I landed a Lily Chin class at the TKGA conference in July, I dug through the pile of knitting magazines I scored at last fall's Library Book Sale. I was pretty sure I had something relevant, and I did:

I wonder what the etiquette is for having teachers sign stuff at TKGA classes? If not sign it, I'm at least going to show it to her. (To see LC's post about the issue - for which she designed the cover item - click here and scroll down to the bottom post.)

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