Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition - Hey, this is "Brioche"!

The project: Knitting all the stitches in's Stitch Directory.
The yarn: Anything you want. I'm using a Phentex "Monster Ball of Yarn" (32 oz. 100% acrylic), which won't block, but will give good stitch definition.
The needles: Again, whatever you want that goes with your yarn. I'm using my beloved Lantern Moon size 7s, because they're pretty.
Why this is happening: Because lots of people want to learn new stitches this year!
This week's stitches: (#50) Fisherman's Rib (also: Unique). This stitch is reversible and was also listed under "Unique and Different" - but this is the first place it appears in The List, so here's where it'll go.

Speaking of the list, for the next month or so, everything will be reversible. A lot of the earlier patterns were also reversible - but showed up in other sections of the list. Don't blame me, blame the list? That I made? Um... nevermind. Anyway, previously done reversible stitches are as follows: Box Stitch, Checks & Ridges, Close Checks, Diagonal Rib, Diagonals, Double Seed Stitch Elongated Chevron, Garter Rib, Garter Stitch, Garter Stitch Steps, Large Diamonds, Little Pyramids, Mistake Rib, Mock Cable, Moss Panels, our old standby, Moss Stitch/Seed Stitch, Moss Stitch Border Diamonds, Parallelograms, Parallelograms II, Pavillion, Pique Triangles Plain Diamonds, Purled Ladder, Squares In Squares, Thermal Underwear Stitch, Triangle Ribs, Triangle Squares, Triangles, Twin Rib, Two By Two Rib and
Windmill. Yeah, I realize that looks like all the stitches we've done, but really, it's not. And some are more reversible than others - check my "Things I Noticed..." if you're curious about any of the above.

So, on to this week's stitch!!

Because I'm getting near the end of a strip, and everything else coming up soon is lace, I did this one out of order. Fisherman's Rib is any number of stitches across, so I picked 20, with five seed stitches before and after each row. I ended up doing 24 rows, but it's short. Short, short, short. Did I mention short? Anyway, here it is:

What I noticed about this pattern: It looks, sort of, like a k1p1 rib - but it SOOOOO isn't.

Ooo, looks like loosely-knit ribbing, right?

But it's not! Look, there are TWO stitches looped over
the back of every supposedly normal-looking knit stitch!!

Did I mention it was short? And it uses a LOT of yarn. Srsly. But done out of wool on slightly smaller needles? Boy, oh boy, would you have a warm jacket. I can totally see why Brioche (which is what this is!) is becoming the Hot New Thing.

Next week, more than one stitch, I promise... although things may get a bit sketchy in July with the conference, my O.W.L., and the usual work-going-nuts-in-the-summer. That's why I tried to load "extra" stitches into as many of the opening weeks as possible!
A note on the whole project: Since there are 139 stitch patterns (some are listed under multiple headings), plus 7 different edgings in's Stitch Directory, I'll be trying to do two to three stitches a week, minimum. This should get everyone a goodly number of new stitches by the end of the year, and hopefully get me a blanket. No worries if you "fall behind" or "start late" - this is for fun & education, there isn't *really* a time limit of any sort on it. If you're just discovering this project, this link will take you to the beginning, and this link will pull up all the related entries. Just knit on, and have fun!


  1. My son has a jumper I knitted in fisherman's rib, he loves it

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